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We are WHM Media

WHM is the only OOH and Digital provider to provide a 360-ecosystem

  1. Brand & maintain the sites and walls.
  2. Engage with the trader to gather stock data.
  3. Influence the decision maker’s buying behaviour.
  4. Digitally Reward the consumer for “stickiness”.

*South Africa and OSA (Outside South Africa)

WHM Media

“If it’s not on the shelf its not an option to be bought” – Stuart Hoy


WHM Media


Owning the Ecosystem.

WHM is unique in our ability to influence and engage remotely. No other Out of Home media owner has the ability to do this.


Own the customer experience

Consumer stickiness

WHM has a network of 2500 consumer wifi sites allowing the consumer internet access in exchange for interaction. Owning the customer before they break out to the internet.


WHM is unique in our ability to cost effectively engage digitally with the store owner (decision maker) and the consumer. All remotely.


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